• Dean: *turns into a demon*
  • Me: it's alright he'll be fine
  • Dean: *leaves Sammy and becomes bffls with Crowley*
  • Me: no big deal
  • Dean: *kills people*
  • Me: its alright wait
  • Dean: "its just a car"
  • Me: IT HURTS iT'S NOT OK NO SON OF A BISCUIT DEAN tTHATS YOUR BABY *rolls away crying into the sun and disintegrates into feelsy atoms*
Anonymous said: Hello. Could you tell me what convention/video it from from that Misha talked about his parent splitting up when he was three and him and Sasha hitchhiking back from Dad's place? Thank you.

Hi :) I made a post with the links to all the videos used in that gifset, you’ll find the videos you’re looking for here :) http://fuckyeahsupernaturalgifs.tumblr.com/post/93102872584/so-i-absolutely-adore-that-gifset-you-put-together-of#notes

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Anonymous said: What stream do you use? because I am staying in england for some time and want to watch supernatural

If I’m not watching the episode live I use watchseries.lt/serie/supernatural or if it’s a new episode that’s airing in the US I search the supernatural link tag :)

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Misha tweet 10x01







Anonymous said: Do you watch supernatural on TV or do you watch a stream or on a computer some other way?

I stream supernatural on my laptop, I live in England so I can’t watch it on TV.

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Why be a supermodel when you can be a supernatural being

why be one when you can be both


I don’t know if you mean anna or cas but I agree with both

if i am one thing, i am a man of my word

make me choose » anonymous asked Castiel or Crowley

t h e m e